Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finches Wedding

Holy Cow It's been a long time. Well here is a tiny post. I don't have the pictures off my camera yet. So that is why I havn't posted.

The Finch Wedding was so beautiful and fun. We danced like crazy. I hope to get more pics from their wedding but here are a few. Ezra was the ring bearer and did great. He had to walk across a rail-less bridge on an infinity pool. Very brave. These pics are from the rehersal.

We'd like to say a real late congratulations to Brittany and Sam Finch. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Womens Surf Boot Camp!

Noah has been conducting Surf Boot Camps since last year. It has been a learning process for him and he now has a great friend Dave Horan, "Big Dave" as we like to call him, working with him. He is a Green Beray and works with Blackwater. He has brought much military training and great ideas to the table. He and Noah bring there experience and knowledge together for a one-two punch of aerobic, plyametric, water training and team building exercises. Each day camp is started with a mini devotional and prayer, also each work out is closed with prayer. All in all you get challenged mentally, physically, and spiritually. Its good stuff! I say this from experience because they just did there first Women's Surf Boot Camp and I was part of it. Thanks to my 2 friends Chelsey and Brittany, who took turns sleeping at my house and watched my kids three times a week. It severely kicked my butt, so hard, every time. It was so worth it.

Above we are doing high knees in the water. Right, we are listening to the wisdom of Lynn Brookes before we start our workout.
This has been such an awesome experience. Not only did I get pushed farther than I thought I was able to go, but I got to know and bond with a bunch of amazing women. We had so much fun. Every time you finished a day you were sooo proud of yourself for hanging in there. Cause it was hard. This experience was so humbling but yet made me feel so Strong, physically and mentally. Cause let me tell you, at 5am you got mental battles, and I HATE running and would dread the mile run we did in various ways. I would tell myself "put one foot in front of the other. just keep going. you can do this." The last day I ran, I literally, had to tell myself ,out loud, cause I was just STRUGGLING... "I love to run. I am light and fast" It sounds ridiculous but I had to do anything to finish and at the time that was what I needed. At the end of four weeks I was actually sad it was over.

The whole gang. 27 women! loving running......... push ups! down and holding.

Drowning...shore brake sit ups!

So I wanted to share this with my friends and family. I am very grateful for the boys and their efforts. I miss all the ladies too. Especially the shore brake sit ups. Love you girls!

Flutter Kicks...............last day Victory!.................Jodi look'n ripped!

Team building exercise.

Feeling the Love. The boys were convinced that we girls are tough cookies. They loved us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wild things let your hearts sing!!!

First there were freezy pops....... got interesting!

Here is a bunch of pics from an ordinary evening when you get four kids four and younger together. So for you future parents don't be scared just embrace the madness. Life is never dull.

This is what happens to well behaved girls after sugar and Ezra's encouragement.

I put so many pics up cause I felt you needed the full effect of what was really going on.

They were having a praise jam session. They were very into it. "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"

Jaida was keep'n up and loving every second!

Model shoot with Ezra and Elizabeth. Hilarious!
Hope these made you smile and laugh like Kay, Winfield, Noah and I did.

A day with four

Not long ago I watched the Bevins girls and got some adorable pictures that day. They get along so well and love each other.

I let them go outside. I had to run in the house to get something and returned to find three naked blue jays in the baby pool. So I got them each a pair of Ezra's underwear. They were so funny.

We love Elizabeth and Annabel Bevins.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a Girl!!!!

If you don't already know this about me I have to tell you... I love having a daughter.
I have never been a girls, girl. I have always felt and still do at times feel nervous when I am with girls. I always seem to say the wrong or raunchy thing that other girls do not say and many times do not appreciate. I experienced more rejection from girls than boys growing up. In my adult life, I have been greatly blessed with fabulous female friends and mentors. So much, in fact, that my cup "overfloweth" with girls. All this being said, having Jaida has been such a unexpected wonderful gift. When the sonogram reveled I was having a girl I was so happy, but a stab of fear went through me. "What if this little girl doesn't like me?"

Being uncomfortable with girls as a kid made me uncomfortable with my own femininity. As if some how being female or feminine made me weak or something negative. I immediately began to think and worry about how it would be raising a girl. Telling people not to buy too much pink for my baby. As if to somehow down play the fact that she would be a girl. I have no idea exactly what my problem was, as it was unconscious at the time.

Fast forward Jaida is here, and 15 months old. Since her arrival I have been so humbled by the wonderful gift of femininity. She responds to me and Noah and the world around her with so much gentle, tender, beautiful sensitivity. I am truly in awe of how having a girl ,come from me, could heal so much of my own insecurity. Insecurity with the God given femaleness in me. And insecurity of how other women might perceive me.

Me and my dad side by side with Jaida around the same age.

She looks sooo much like my baby pictures, which is so fun. But the most powerful thing about that is I love everything about her. All that she is and will be. Her heart, mind, spirit, AND physically. I would never want anyone to tell her the negative things that I have been told. Especially the negative things I have told myself. So my point is if I love all that she is I have to love all that I am because she came from me and in many ways will inherit my looks, mind, and spirit...who I am. I pray she is kinder to herself than I have been to me. Lo-ng thought short. I love being a women, and I love the women in my life. I am going to try to teach Jaida to love God, family, and herself... and her femininity, and to treat other women with grace instead of fear and criticism. If I can accomplish that, I will have raised the strongest women.

She is girl through and through. Love shoes, loves the mirror, loves herself. No one taught her.
lil monkey in her ducky robe. Just perfect as she is.

This is just so you can laugh. I thought I looked amazing. 4th grade.