Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Noah the interior decorator

About two weeks ago I decided to stop staring at my kitchen, living rm, dining, entry space which is all open, and white. "Do it!" I thought to my self, "commit and choose a paint color and just start painting." So I went downstairs, got a quart I had previously bought but not used, and painted a wall in my living rm. surprisingly I really liked it. later that day Noah came home to the surprise of a greenish blue wall. He wasn't totally into it.
So a couple of days go by and it grows on him. That's when it happened. He became my fantasy husband and started to dream the dream of interior decorating! He then whisked me off to Home Depot and we got more greenish blue paint. After enthusiastically painting two more walls. He wanted more. So back to home depot. He picked out a paint called "wild honey"(gold), and one called "warm earth"(brown). At this point I was getting a little scared. Such Strong color and he is just an amature as well as a boy. That night I painted our hall and stairwell wild honey and he took our guest bath completely apart. He texturized the walls! I know!! amazing! Then painted the bathroom a very brown warm earth. He also pulled the trim out of the bath and replaced it with simple rugged pine painted white! He has always swore he hates painted trim.
Then tonight we painted two entry walls wild honey too. So where did I draw out this elusive hetero interior designer? I have no idea. I didn't even know they existed. So come by and see our newly painted home. I gotta say his taste don't suck. Its bold... and beautiful.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It is april and spring is finally here! Jaida is 10 months old and Ezra is 3.5. We have been really busy but life is good.

Jaida is on the verge of walking any day. She crawls everywhere and is into everything, specifically, my plants and anything paper. If it could choke her and kill her she wants to eat it. Funny but not. She is truely the happiest and sweetest baby I have ever known. Way easier than Ezra the lion hearted. He will definately be a leader some day. love him!

Ezra is just recently started soccer, not cause I want to be a soccer mom, but to hopefully drain some of his endless energy. If you have been around him lately you know what I am up against. He is also in swim lessons as summer is fast approaching. I figure he should know how, being that we live, eat, and breath beach in the summer. I recently cut his beautiful curls off into a mohawk at his request and have greived everytime I look at him. He looks two years older. So I will probably let it grow back out. pictures coming soon.

I finally set up a blog

Well we finally set up a blog. I tell you what, myspace can be frustrating. spam and all. I'll be posting probably only once a month cause I am only on line about that often. But looking forward to being able to keep up with many of you who have blogged before me.

I am sure you will be happy for me to not clogg up your e-mail with pictures as well.