Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It is april and spring is finally here! Jaida is 10 months old and Ezra is 3.5. We have been really busy but life is good.

Jaida is on the verge of walking any day. She crawls everywhere and is into everything, specifically, my plants and anything paper. If it could choke her and kill her she wants to eat it. Funny but not. She is truely the happiest and sweetest baby I have ever known. Way easier than Ezra the lion hearted. He will definately be a leader some day. love him!

Ezra is just recently started soccer, not cause I want to be a soccer mom, but to hopefully drain some of his endless energy. If you have been around him lately you know what I am up against. He is also in swim lessons as summer is fast approaching. I figure he should know how, being that we live, eat, and breath beach in the summer. I recently cut his beautiful curls off into a mohawk at his request and have greived everytime I look at him. He looks two years older. So I will probably let it grow back out. pictures coming soon.

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