Friday, May 30, 2008

Monkey, Monkey....One?!

I can hardly believe its already been a year since we met lil Jaida. She turned one year old on May 22nd. We had a small get together that was just perfect for the occasion. We are so greatful to have such wonderful family and friends who love our kids.

Jaida has really never had sugar before this, so she wasn't sure what she didn't take long though. I think she loves it!

As with all first birthdays, we were more excited than her.

Glad to have my mom here for the party.

Princess Monkey! She definately know shes a girl. We'd put the crown on her and she'd look at you like "I am soo beautiful!" then she'd rip it off.
Ezra was a very well behaved gracious brother. He even allowed her to have the spot light....till the sugar kicked in.

Later that night! I'm not kidding.

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Dawn Gray said...

your babies are so beautiful..miss you guys