Friday, July 11, 2008

Beach bums!

Summer is here and has been crazy busy.

Here are a few photos of my little "beach bums", pardon the pun. Both my kids would live at the beach and pool if they could. We actually spent so much time in the sun, the last couple of weeks, I welcome the rain and cool upper 80's we've had since the fourth of July holiday.

The Bevins family has joined us on many occasions. They can hang tough with the best OBXers. their conversion is complete.

Ezra has been surfing on daddy's back... WITH a life jacket.


Jaida loves to play with and eat the sand

Jaida and me @ the YMCA pool, just chillin.

A great side effect is they are completely toast on the car ride home.

Aunt Nikki and Jaida.

I think my favorite part of a beach day is after all the fun and the nap on the way home and a hardy meal of spaghetti or La Fogatas. Everyone gets all cleaned up. Showers; baths; lotion; fresh clothes. You feel all warn out, in that really good way. Your belly is full and your all fresh and clean and....ready to go to bed. You can even see the feel good on your babies faces. They are so happy.

Ezra and Jaida on just such an occasion. Happy Summer!!!!

Buffy warning look no further!!!
This critter, rest his soul, was living under our sandbox. The biggest fattest black widow I have ever seen. Not that I've seen a bunch. O.K. I have only seen three, including this one, this is the fattest. Just a nasty little surprise in my blog for all you arachniphobics. (that word was so big that the spell check had no suggested spellings).
that weird globb above the spider is one of two egg sacks.


TheKupkaFamily said...

Love love love the naked bums!!! I am seriously laughing out loud:D

Dan Evans said...

that spider is nothing compared to our friend at the tants tho!? :-)